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Sometime in 1965/66 a group of 6 pitchers formed an informal horseshoe club while playing by the Cloverdale fairgrounds barn where there were 2 pits. A few years later the informal group known as "The Fraser Valley Horseshoe Club". was renamed "The Valley Horseshoe Club" and finally to the Cloverdale Horseshoe Club.

In the 1970's the location of the Valley Horseshoe Club moved to a lot on 64th Ave next to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, thanks to the City of Surrey. A small tournament shed/clubhouse was built and served the club for many years, then a Caboose was donated to the Club but it was determined the restoration and upkeep was to expensive so the Caboose was donated to a Chilliwack Historic Society.

Then in 1985 the Club proposed a name change and applied for a building permit. In 1986 our log cabin club house was completed and October 10th 1986 the name change approval from the BC Societies made it official and the "Cloverdale Horseshoe Club" was born.
Over the years many changes were made, a covered patio was built in 1970 and later on our horseshoe pits were increased from the original 4 pits to 10 then 15 pits and finally out back 10 pits were added, not sure what year.


The Cloverdale Horseshoe Club is a non profit horseshoe pitching club and a member of the B.C. Horseshoe Association since 1986. We are located next to the Cloverdale Exhibition grounds. Our log cabin completed in 1986 has a full kitchen and accessable washroom. We have lots of parking available and 25 pits, with our front 15 pits being covered. The Cloverdale Horseshoe Club is also proud to host our School Program in the Spring and Fall each year. Students enjoy an introduction to Horseshoe Pitching, also enjoy mini tournaments and time permitting enjoy our popular BBQ.

The Cloverdale Horseshoe Club has hosted some of the top tournaments, the Western Classic, the BC Championship, the BC Seniors Games, the Lower Mainland Championship,
and every Year we host five Open Tournaments and two member only tournaments.

Horseshoe Pitching Classes consist of:

* Pee Wee 9 - 12 years
* Junior Boys & Junior Girls 13 - 18 years,
* Ladies, 30ft
* Men's, 40 ft
* Elders, 30 ft - 65 plus   (70 in the USA)


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